Daimler AG

With more than 125 years of passion and engineering prowess, Daimler has been a pioneer in the automotive industry that other manufacturers have long tried to emulate. In fact, only Daimler can call Setra its flagship brand, which means the term “high standards” doesn’t quite cover the level of detail that goes into each product riding under the Daimler name.


Setra has raised luxury coach travel to unprecedented heights with sleek, European styling, combined with next generation technology, premium amenities, and features built for comfort on long stretches of open road.

Once passengers have taken a charter in a Setra TopClass S 417 or ComfortClass S 407, they’ll come to expect the Setra experience from every tour they embark upon. Such as, Setra-exclusive Route or Voyage Plus passenger seats that recline for an escape to and from each destination, and wood effect flooring and entryways that make for an impressive view once inside. Match that with individual passenger service sets that include LED reading lights and air vents, and you’ll see why discerning operators choose Setra to win over clientele.

With comfort at their fingertips and in every detail they lay eyes on, your passengers will also find a Bosch Professional Line 3 audio system and four 15-inch widescreen video monitors to deliver a cinematic distraction upon request.


Reliability moves beyond the road with Setra. Thanks to Daimler Coaches North America’s vast network of support, operators will have access to the best OEM parts, 24-hours, seven days a week. They’ll also find a team of Setra experts ready to answer any questions, and three strategically located technical centers dedicated to keeping coaches in-service longer than ever before.

Known for their high-grade components and engineering, Setra coaches are built on the same production system as Daimler’s automotive group and the high standards set by Mercedes-Benz. There, reliability is built into every component and onboard feature demanded by our operators. The result is passenger comfort and operational excellence you won’t find anywhere else.

By only equipping the TopClass and ComfortClass with components worthy of the road, like Bridgestone Ecopia tires, Knorr disc brakes, an Allison transmission, Tag axles, and the remarkable Detroit Diesel DD13/Mercedes-Benz OM 471 engine, these coaches will deliver peak performance at every level of the ownership cycle. Whether it’s the build, the décor, the inclusions, or the meticulous detail behind the scenes, when it comes to Setra, we’ve thought of it all. Which means, all you have to think about is your passengers and your continuous ROI.


When it comes to Setra, quality is more than just soft seats and a brand name; it’s safety for all.

For more than 60 years, Setra has been setting the safety standard in bus engineering with integrated solutions and state-of-the-art technology. This includes active and passive safety systems including, disc brakes on all wheels, an ABS braking system with anti-slip control, a 40-foot turning radius, and a host of crash testing and validations. Passengers will find 3-point seatbelts, locking baggage compartment doors to mitigate item shifting, as well as optional wheelchair lift provisions for complete accommodations.

And, supporting drivers when it comes to comfort and function, Setra luxury coaches deliver great handling and a smooth ride. With the ergonomic design found in the cockpit and driver workstation, Setra ensures all controls are within reach, that key information is always available, and that driver comfort is a top priority. Because we know that a safe trip is only as successful as the driver at the helm. That’s why drivers will also find a color backup camera, manual side blind, a Bluetooth integrated steering wheel, and a heated windshield, to name a few.

Paired with strict quality checks and real customer input, Setra accomplishes manufacturing excellence with extensive product testing to ensure operators and passengers receive seamless travel experiences from one trip to the next.